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St Maarten Diving

St Martin Diving

Sailing in Sint Maarten and St Martin

Any Way Marine - Welcome to the Caribbean. Whether you are new to nautical pleasures or sea professionals looking for unforgettable adventures,

Anyway Marine invites you to board one of its exceptional sailing boats to discover all the richness and the beauty of the Caribbean islands.

Celine - Sunset Cruise: Departs from the dock at SkipJack's Restaurant in Simpson Bay.

The hour and a half smooth and calm ride on the largest lagoon in the Caribbean will will show you an unique view of St. Maarten, not possible by road.

And for your enjoyment, Celine serves an open bar of rum punch, red or white wines, cold beer and soft drinks.

While being refreshed from our open bar, we will circle the Simpson Bay Lagoon and show you places of interest: Point Pirouette, Mullet Bay pond, the American University of the Caribbean and everybody's favorite, the houses of the rich and famous.

The cruise then takes on a more nautical flavor as we proceed towards the Dutch bridge and view some of the most beautiful, expensive mega yachts in the prestigious St Maarten marinas.

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On our return to the jetty, we pass the end of the runway, often as one of the large jets are taking off. This is a spectacular sight, so don't forget your camera. You will also be able to see some of the shipwrecks from past hurricanes and some of the island resorts from a whole different view.

Eagle Tours - Sail away on the Biggest, the Fastest, the Best. Sail aboard the Golden Eagle to a Real Deserted Island. Explore the island, look for shells or snorkel in crystal clear waters. Golden Eagle will nuzzle her bow into a fabulous golden sandy beach of the secluded Island of Tintamarre. Our friendly crew will provide you with flotation and snorkeling equipment, together with any help you may need.

Lagoon Sailboat Rental

The Lagoon

Practically nothing disastrous can happen in the lagoon so enjoy the protected waters. There are no destructive swells, cruise ships, freighters, whales or submarines. The most consistent wind in the lagoon is to be found on the leeward (Western) side. The most variable wind direction and difficult gusts are to be found closest to the mountains.

The Sailing Area

The Simpson Bay Lagoon is inland water of French and Dutch territory connected to the sea by two channels. The western part of the lagoon is pristine large and undisturbed and we recommend this area for pleasant day cruising. The Eastern part is home to yacht marinas and yachting services. 95% of the lagoon is sufficiently deep for the boats

Island Water World - Island Water World is a Caribbean Retailer and Distributor of boating supplies and marine leisure related merchandise. We have over 40 years of experience in the Islands and have proven adept at meeting the needs of our Customers.