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Want a family experience they'll soon not forget?

If the kids are old enough to hold a rod they are old enough for a trip to the beach for a chance to catch some fish.

Day or evening, BBQ or Grilled Sandwiches, Roasted Marshmallows or Roasted Pineapple.

Let us customize your family's outing.

Alternative activities can be provided if fishing isn't their thing. Sint Maarten is a Netherlands colony sharing the same island as French.

The currency for St. Maarten is the Netherlands Antillean guilder (NAG) and runs roughly 1.8 to the dollar. For St. Martin the currency is the Euro.

However, the U.S. Dollar is widely accepted throughout of the island.

Be careful with your money on St. Maarten because the exchange rate between the NAG and the dollar is charged in local establishments at one to one.

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You will be better off changing your dollars into NAG upon arrival there.

A holiday on either part of the island offers a chance to easily enjoy two different cultures.

St. Maarten is known for its nightlife and may be the more festive of the two but St. Martin is not without its attractions. Both sides of the island are rife with excellent, reasonably-priced restaurants and if you get tired of soaking up the rays, you can always try the parachute jump onto the island.

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